Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How long it has been since I Blogged, wow! 9/16/2012

God continues to be present to me, in this year, and through 2011 past.There is so much that has changed in my life from 2010, after my 8-day Franciscan Hermitage Contemplative Pilgrimage in Italy. What I am sharing from the reflections of the Word Among Us magazine of Sept.2012, I am much like St. Peter. First,I have to admit, I make mistakes and hurt people, even when I have good intentions.Thank God for his mercy and patience! Second, I need to know that the Holy Spirit wants to show me and others how to live. St. Paul tells us that no matter how inscrutable the wisdom of God may be,"we have the mind of Christ." 1 Corinthinians 2:14,16 we do learn to discern spiritual things. Peter learned overtime how to discern God's voice. He learned how to sort through his intentions and be a clearer instrument of God's grace. We can too, by keep telling ourselves: "I have the mind of Christ. I believe that the Holy Spirit is my guide." With this small statement of faith, you can develop the gift of discernment. "Lord, show me your ways so that I may discern your will."