Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Let's Get Started"....

Well the past 24 hrs. has given me time to think about words & what to say.'let's get started.......a familiar word by those voice robots when phoning for services from major companies, can't i speak to a human ( one of like as I am) not to a machine. Webter's dictionary defines word n.remark, brief expression, a promise, a password, a unit of language. Words communicate. We can string letters to form sentences, paragraphs, tales, stories, 'gossip'. Our words can build up or tear down. have words with, to argue, man of his word, a person who keeps his promises. Then there is the 'ultimate' word, the Word, 1. the Logos, 2. the Bible. The word spoken by the Father - Jesus.
He came to give us many words, words of promise, faith, love, hope, words of truth.
Today I heard from a homilist & I took it to heart concerning this new venture in blogging, " if you fall & stumble, don't grumble or mumble, be humble. Of course, I also applied to my spiritual life. If one falls get up again, even Jesus fell three times in his walk to the Father, doing His Will.
Words have made this month and it ends with numbers 30. Looking forward to May.

Let's Get Started....

Well, the last 24 hrs. has brought many ideas and words thinking about the blog site that has been created here. Let's get the voice robot tells us when we call for outsourced services, or in-country services. My friend & I for that matter just get frustrated not talking to a human, ( one of like kind) and not to machines.
I want to start with Webster's dictionary definition with word n. to say, to speak 1. a brief expression, 2. a promise,, 4. a password, 5. usually talk, speech. Well going on one can do so much with letters as to form a letter, a sentence, and on until one has paragraphs, stories, tales, books, novels, and volumes. One could say at a word, a quick response to a request or command, break one's word, failure to keep one's promise, have words with
Further there is the ultimate word that I subscribe to.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Friend's Ideas about Blogging

I have had a few discussions recently about blogging, a blog site vs. a website, and how to maintain it.
Should I do this? Why do I want to do this? I'm a little scared to do this! What have I got to say? When I think about it-- Lots! With much to share about life, Franciscan spirituality, living and travels. Well, here goes guys, with your encouragment. Salute!!

Friends Idea about Blogging

In the past days and even hours I've had discussions about doing this. Even wondered why?
Should I