Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Blast!!!

hello ! i can't believe that i have not blogged since last August 2009. Oh my. Alot has happened since then, and i have met new people and friends, in my circles. Also, completed another course at University .But my sharing today is about this blast of snow to the Ohio Valley from the Mid-Atlantic. It started to roll in here about 1:30pm on Friday, Feb. 5. At that time is was sunny, about 32* F. and light flurries. This storm was much on people's minds since Wed. or Thurs. as many were shopping and stocking up.
The snow was coming down about 1 inch per hour, and yes at that rate in these past 24 hours, we now have 24 inches or about 70 cms. on the ground. It is wet and heavy. Being sunny today, has made it that more pleasant, to be outside and shovel, shovel and shovel some more.
Well my new friends from New Zealand are leaving for studies in Rome, Italy. They have been a sheer delight to meet, become a brother & sister in Our Lord, share meals with, plus good fun times too! I shall truly miss them, and i pray for a safe trip for them, also much success in their time in Italy! G'bye mates :(till we meet again.
They will be flying from Pittsburgh, PA to Toronto, Ontario, Canada on Sunday. I have checked with their airline and it looks like that flight for Sunday is going to happen.
Praise God for the next leg of their 'discernment.' Alleluia!!!!
To finish this blog, the family were out numerous times to clean our walks and cars. It is now stopped snowing, sunny. Pray God this is the last of this weekend's blast....